The Truth about Credit Repair

I found this article today, which is a classic example of the propaganda being distributed by the Credit Bureaus to discourage every day consumers from working with a reputable credit repair company.

Most of the points in the article are accurate. But it’s only technically accurate and fails to provide the real “truth” about how the credit system really works or how credit repair companies help change people’s lives.

The author fails to acknowledge the reality that every single day, thousands and thousands of people are buying new homes with the help of a legitimate credit repair company.

If people were not having success, then these companies wouldn’t still be in business and their BBB profiles would be full of hundreds of complaints.

If you’re looking for the “REAL” truth, you’re going to need to speak with someone who can examine your situation to help you develop a comprehensive strategy.

You can set up a FREE credit strategy session today by calling 281-727-0351.

Now, on to the propaganda…

The Truth about Credit Repair

by Alex Ferreras on January 20, 2011

(Source: NCPW)- People with poor credit histories often are targeted by companies that promise to clean up their credit reports so they’ll be able to qualify for a car loan, a mortgage, insurance, even a job. Just as often, these “credit repair” companies say they need a fee of a few hundred – sometimes, a few thousand – dollars before they can go to work on your behalf.

The truth is that no one can get accurate negative information removed from your credit report. It’s illegal.When negative information in your report is accurate, only the passage of time can assure its removal. A consumer reporting company can report most accurate negative information for seven years and bankruptcy information for 10 years.  Read More….

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