credit score war

Understanding The Credit War

One of the first things to understand about your credit is that you are officially at WAR with the the FICO credit scoring system, credit bureaus, banks, credit card companies, collection agencies and federal government.

It’s you against a multi-BILLION dollar machine.

And they have strategically set up a system that encourages you to fail.

Without a solid strategy, these formidable opponents can quickly gain the upper hand.

Every day the front line of this war is moving and it’s up to you whether you lose or gain ground.

If you pay your bills on time and manage your debt to credit ratios effectively, the best you can hope for is to slowly move the line forward.

Basically, you’re just holding the line and it may take years to push your credit scores forward.

If you make the slightest error, it can take years to recover.  Our credit scoring system is designed for you to fail.

The enemy has employed numerous dirty little tricks to catch you when you are unaware.  That makes you very vulnerable.

Understanding that you are at war is vital to preparing yourself for a lifelong series of battles.  It never ends.  And the best that you can hope for is to win little battles along the way.

Unfortunately  you can never truly win the war.  You can only gain some footage one battle at a time and then defend it with all the tenacity of a young new recruit.

It’s a mind set that you must understand if you are going to have any success improving and maintaining your credit.

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